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     Our pieces from Italy are mostly antique or vintage although we do have reproductions. We love the sacred history and nature Italy offers. We feel that antiques hold a bit of the history and essence of the individuals that previously cared for them. Religious art is particularly adored by us as one imagines its historical use as something devotional. On our travels to Italy we focus on religious art and statues from the region. We have fragments that may feature an image of the Virgin Mary or something ecclesiastical. We carry jewelry crafted by Florentine artisans. If you desire a demilune or wooden console table we buy those when possible on our buying trips.

     Our Italian collection is a tapestry of old-world gorgeousness and sleek-contemporary style. Italy's rich past infused into a contemporary setting creates magic. We just recently got our lucky hands on a pair of Italian pewter trays. The patina on them is stunning and they have several worn maker's marks on their reverse. In addition they have two beautiful stamps on their edges that resemble a coat of arms perhaps. A 19th century wooden crucifix, a vintage crystal bar set and an antique music box are things you can find here. On our buying trips we come across cherished devotional items that were owned by families long ago and bring them back for you to enjoy and add them as another family heirloom thus preserving and honoring a previous families history by infusing it into yours. Whether you are devoutly religious or simply adore religious decor you will most likely come across an item you like at Laurier Blanc.

     We visit our friends in Italy and in-between taking in the mountain air we shop and talk shop and study and converse with local artisans and dealers of the region. We learn more about Italy's history each time. The usual items we bring back with us are a gorgeous cluster of small crosses and crucifixes. These look fantastic alone or in a grouping simply laid out randomly on top of a dresser. Vintage images of the Madonna on wood, silver goblets from an inn or church and pottery are other items we bring home with us.

     We also bring the more unusual and odd, from a now long-gone art academy an unfinished plaster statue of St. Michael keeping Satan at bay, unfinished and lacking paint it possesses its own special sweetness. Models in metal of historical buildings like churches or hospitals make wonderful gifts for the architect in your life. Vintage Italian ice and wine buckets from demolished hotels are plentiful at our shop. We have the practical with the quirky yet magical.


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