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     Laurier Blanc is keen on pillows and dyed cowhide rugs. Our pillows are printed with various designs or text and also feature gold embellishments or probably any other color you desire. We carry antique pillows, gorgeous, worn, tattered, frayed, stained with wine, clawed by a 19th century cat these are rich and sumptuous and seem to have their own personal glow and built-in prestige that they'll infuse into your home! If contemporary reproductions are your thing we've got plenty small and large pillows to accommodate your taste. Pillows should be plush and inviting and ours are!

     We can also customize pillows for you with text or otherwise. Our pillows hail from Turkey, Madagascar, India, Indonesia and the USA. If your looking for a tattered Persian rug with imperial charm we can most likely source it. Having a rug that's accommodated the feet of many over the centuries is a charming addition and focal point for any room. If you want a clear and crisp contemporary rug we've got those as well! Our vintage mink pillows and our new dyed cowhide rugs feature cheetah and snow leopard prints.

     Our Tibetan rugs are plush, magical and will cool off any hot feet your guests may have as well as your dog or cat! If your searching for a 19th or 18th century Tibetan rug ask us we might be able to help. Tibetan style pieces are a very colorful addition to any room as they are known for their vibrant and radiant colors. If you've got your own special or vintage fabric and you'd like to design a set of pillows with it we may be able to work with you on pulling it all together through customization. Pillows and rugs are points within a room that show one's artistic integrity and emotion. Wear your emotions on your pillow not on your sleeve!


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