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Classical & Antique Mirrors

     Laurier Blanc has access to a large collection of various mirrors that range from quite small to almost massive in size and weight. Our pieces are substantial and have been curated from European markets and suppliers around the world. Our mirrors range from true antiques to simply being antiqued by European artisans.  We are proud to include key collections from Johnathan Adler, Interlude Home, Labyrinthe Interiors, Creative Coop as well as hand crafted one of a kind mirrors from artist James Farmer. 

     We have floor to ceiling mirrors and tiny more whimsical mirrors that one would pass by in a hallway while at a party. Our mirrors feature intricate-scalloped scrollwork and many being actual antiques have a range of patinas on their surfaces. If our customer is searching for something a bit more traditional we have that as well. Something that is beautiful but not going to be the focal point of a room or over-power a room filled with paintings.

     We have nautical-themed mirrors, mirrors that feature a cartouche, gold finishes, beaded work and more. We are also able to source specialized items for our customers through various contacts and teams we have in France and elsewhere. If you are seeking a mirror that has got centuries of age with glass silvering from its mercury then we may be able to acquire it for you. Our antique floor length Louis Phillippe mirror in a shade of cream with a cartouche is simple and functional elegance. Our Florentine Driftwood mirror is funky for a seaside retreat. For your kid's room we have the Rustic Porthole Mirror. A perfect decorative and fully functional piece for a child's room. Our large Trumeau mirror has antiqued glass that reflects a century or two. The Vintage French "Bienvenue A Bord" Lifesaver mirror is ultra-whimsical, perfect for a pool house.


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