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     At Laurier Blanc art can be anything! We have loads of art ranging from vintage French advertisements of Chanel to unsigned plaster and zinc sculptures. Fragments of antique religious textiles framed in gilt, bits of a brass cherub from a church in South America and pastel chalk sketches of a Parisian picnic with lovers on the Seine river may be found here. At times we have carried sketch books from French Academies of art and higher learning with plenty of images ready to be framed or simply used in a grouping sitting on top of a stack of books. At times we have had ancient art, arrows or Mayan fragments of forgotten faces nestled next to Peruvian sketches of the Nazca lines.

     At times we've had large-scale art in our inventory such as stage backdrops of cities or a sunny sky. Our art ranges from the surreal and obscure to the classic and more contemporary style. Giant maps of Belgium or a subway map of Paris. Antique marionettes in a grouping hanging from a large tree assembled from driftwood next to an antique train set is an idea of the whimsical you can find here. Our team sources art that speaks to each of us however small that may be we still want the art to be substantial in appearance and feel. We love pure elegance to rough and tattered and in need of repair. We custom frame many of our found pieces and some we leave up to the buyers own discernment.

     New pop-art themed prints to a vintage painting of clouds from a now defunct art school is something you may find here. A Belgium found serene installation of shells captured inside a glass dome surrounding broken angels with a gorgeous depiction of the holy nativity is grand art to us. A collection of seashells promotes and prompts great contemplation on nature and going inward.


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