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One Of A Kind

     Laurier Blanc carries a plethora of unique one of a kind items. A golden brass tray featuring a pelican, a random found silver skull that at some point had been carved by a European artisan. Bits of rock and animal bone may be seen lying on an antique table at Laurier Blanc. Animal skins, lost arrows from centuries past or arrowheads from a Karankawan tribe resting on top a copy of Baudelaire's, Les Fleurs Du Mal are things you may find within our shop.

     Plaster of Paris busts of French noblemen showcased next to old sketchbooks from French art salons and academies mesh well with our NEST candles. Celestial bookends that are encrusted by hand with pyrite and quartz crystal are available at Laurier Blanc, perfect for any poet or as a graduation gift for your English major. Crystal balls from the 19th century and antique tarot cards are perfect for the occultist in your life.

     Your son is a hipster? Our vintage Chanel framed prints will melt into his bedroom walls. He'll think his parents are so cool. If you don't have kids then our Chanel prints will look great in your powder-room! Shells, tree limbs, the bone from an old whale, ancient Greek coinage, religious medallions with the Virgin and more are something you can find here. Bits of iron and steel recovered after a fire, fragments of arms, hands, legs and feet pass through our hands from time to time.

     Antique wind-up toys of French clowns or ballerinas and jet-planes. An old chess set worn from time and use. Antique wine bottles from a shipwreck still with barnacles can be sourced for you as well. Marionettes still in working condition and long retired from the French theatre may be seen hanging from our rafters just waiting to come home to you. Painted backdrops from the London stage and elsewhere may be found here also. 


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