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     Our garden area features many quite substantial antique planters from Belgium and France made of stone depicting kings and queens or cherubim as well as intricate floral work. Heavy and durable they will outlast you and yours. They'll hold handfuls of poppies or even a lemon tree. Buying all of them and placing them strategically about your garden or throughout your grounds will anchor your back or front yard areas. An English Garden Gnome or elf will also be a hit with your backyard barbecues. Our clear bubbled glass balls decorated with lights in small and large are great to liven up a party. We've got various shells to lay on a patio table with gemstones and candles.

     Our small antique folding wooden tables are perfect to take outside and decorate with candles, shells, quartz crystal and a bottle of wine for a mini get-together with friends or family! Iron or stone obelisks are a great focal point for a garden. Life-size statues when available are always a welcome focal point for your visitors. We always love it when friends comment on how beautiful our own gardens look at home telling us they remind them of Versailles or some other enchanted place. Our pieces from Willy Guhl, among them the Handkerchief Planter was found in France. A giant crumpled handkerchief, thrown and unfound. Simply place it on the bare earth or on top an old rusty table on your patio and you've got instant wonder. A mesmerizing piece. We have a 19th century iron and glass clock face from an old church in France. It's rusted by age and time. This piece would be magnificent mounted on an outside wall in a garden. The hands move with a mere touch and your kids will love that! This piece will own any garden or patio area. The focal point of any barbecue.

     Remnants of an old farmhouse from 19th century Provence could be used as ornamentation in your backyard. A door from India could hang outside on your wall or be made into a table that foliage could wrap and claim thus becoming art that is transforming through nature. Metal gates hand-sourced in Belgium that feature starbursts and floral work could be incorporated into your own white picket fence thus adding your own special brand of sophistication. If you're designing a French gravel garden surrounded by pink English roses we've got solid antique oak work tables or benches to anchor and beautify it even more. Or if your leading a cobblestone path existence we've got weathered terra-cotta pots already covered in moss to line the path to your front door or swimming pool. Our pair of stunning Faux-bois red and cream 3 foot mushrooms from France are absolutely wonderful and will bring to life your own personal fairy-tale. If your looking for an antique gazebo from Europe to get married under in your own backyard, we might be able to find it!


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