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     Laurier Blanc has quite a vast accessories collection for you to choose from. Bracelets and necklaces adorned with the most gorgeous gem stones at modest prices! We call mirrors accessories here and we have got plenty, substantial antique pieces or reproductions that resemble the nineteenth century.  Gold leaf with an acanthus-leaf motif or simple glossy black or perhaps you desire a mirror that's not only distressed but has what we like to call, "Ghost glass" which is glass that has been aged over time by the environment and has appeared to paint its own canvas which basically obscures the view. If you're a romantic you'll love it.

     If you are ultra-contemporary, sleek and modern like a machine then we've got something equally cool. We've got glass orbs or spheres whichever you want to call them they come in large or small and are great in a bowl with Christmas lights. Signage from a bar or a restaurant or perhaps a defunct library in Bulgaria may be available here. Antique tools can be used as decorative objects in your home and we have them here occasionally. Marbles, old Kricket sets and English garden gnomes are the greatest of accessories when buying a new home. Lighters from Spain in gold and silver or Moroccan with inland mother of pearl and a switch that no longer works are great masculine focal points for a desk or leather chair that sits next to a set of golf clubs.

     A cuban cigar box in all its aged splendor can hold secret notes or codes as well as coinage from worldly travels and found buttons. Edwardian cufflinks are still wearable for the romantic poet out there. Lamps in the shape of a sphere in small and large are great contemporary additions to any space. Door knockers featuring the classic head of a lion or a cherub are always a welcome bit of history.


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