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Light brings a home to life. Our lighting collection offers a unique but cohesive piece for every room. These pieces bring home a little taste of Europe and have ambience to spare. They’re the pieces missing from the perfect home motif. If you’ve been looking for that final touch to bring the whole room together, it’s here in Laurier Blanc’s collection. These high end lighting fixtures can grace walls, tables or ceilings. Place a beautiful glass and metal chandelier high above the dining table and an altar lamp in the study. Customize sizes, colors and light shades to complete each room. Whether you’re looking for a traditional piece or something a little more exotic, you’re sure to find it here. From classic metal chandeliers to rock crystal lamps, if it’s elegant, it’s here. Laurier Blanc strives to satisfy people who are looking for that perfect piece that brings their whole home together. Each products was selected to help bring the feel of an outdoor antique market where each purchase is a special find. The pieces in Laurier Blanc’s lighting collection are more than just lights, they’re conversation pieces. They’re not the kind of works for sale in department stores across the nation. Instead they’re personal pieces that steal the attention of everyone who sees them. Copper oil lamp sconces offer a more rustic appeal to those who prefer an arcadian home. Egyptian globe lamps and metal pendant lights provide a more modern touch. This collection offers a perfect blend of old world charm and modern chic that compliments any home. They’re classy but exciting. Each piece helps you put your home decor together with meaning. Every home needs lighting, but just because something is practical doesn’t mean it can’t be flattering, as well. Lamps don’t have to be drab and boring, relegated to the corner and kept out of the way. Treat your home to a lighting collection you can be proud of. Each piece from Laurier Blanc’s lighting collection brings in a slice of the exotic. Alluring and unfamiliar, they’ll help your home recognize its full potential.


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