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  • Cement Apple Decorations (Two Sizes)

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  • We love these cute Cement Apple Decorations because they add the perfect nature-inspired touch to your home, office, or anywhere else you can think of. If you’ve been looking for an affordable addition to add some interest and unique texture to any space, you’re in the right place! Each apple is made from durable, high quality cement with a soft matte finish that shows the unique, interesting texture of the raw concrete. Each Cement Apple Decoration comes complete with a perfectly proportioned wooden stem on top, just like a real apple!

    These Cement Apple Decorations come in two sizes, small and large. The small size measures about 2.5” round and 3” tall. Meanwhile, the large size measures 4” round and 4.75” tall. These sizes are perfect for styling alone, in pairs, in groups, piled into a bowl with or without real fruit, or they can be incorporated into a table setting or holiday theme decor. Each apple helps to add dimension and interest to any space. They are excellent additions to small spaces, and they also do a great job of breaking up visual space in larger rooms or hallways. Draw attention to exactly where you want it with these Cement Apple Decorations. Consider adding them to your fireplace, windowsills, or in your kitchen on countertops or tables. We recommend using a brightly colored red or yellow background for your Cement Apple Decorations for a striking contrast and visually interesting depth.

    Homeowners and interior designers have been using decorative fruit to bring rooms together for many years. You are sure to find a bowl of decorative fruit in any model or staged home because it is visually appealing and looks delicious and natural! These cement apples add a modern and unique twist to an old classic that is sure to grab interest and attention. These cute decorations are sure to be the apple of your eye!

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