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     To create a sanctuary in one's home organization is key. We at Laurier Blanc in addition to feeling tranquil in a beautiful space feel even more so when it's organized. But finding a place for each and every piece of paper and small item can become a daunting chore. Through us you can organize in style. You can start by creating your plan of action with one of our Handcrafted leather-bound journals from our artisan market friends in Hong Kong. They are handy and practical with brass snap closures and feature symbols from the Cantonese Alphabet. Make your list. Store your laptop away while you straighten up with one of our faux-fur leopard or lynx print laptop holders which also easily accommodate a legal-size file holder!

     Use one of our vintage waste containers we get from time to time to throw away any loose papers you don't need. Capture any writing implements and needed receipts in our highly elegant rectangular glass display document boxes. In small and large sizes with polished nickel borders and hinges. These are truly, lovely pieces of art in themselves! Or if mystery is more your style the Pandora Amethyst box has got sheen that perplexes on a brass body which is decorated with natural Amethyst jewels.  Round violet stones add a kind of glamour to otherwise mundane storage. Available in both a small and large size that compliment each or simply solo on a desk or side table. Storage becomes iconic.

     A wooden trunk from 18-19th century France or Belgium with a finish that has a story to tell are functional beauty in a den or office. They will hold loads of memorabilia and important documents. Inlaid woven bone boxes from Indian artisans are an earthy way to store. They are well-crafted to look as though the bone is "woven" into itself. Elegant statement pieces that are functional. Also the inlaid bone chest with a hinged top. Its interior is painted black and is perfect for storage of small items, but would work especially well on the coffee table for stowing remote controls. Its black and white geometric patterns echo M.C. Escher...



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