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  • Vintage Moroccan Beni'mguild Double-Sided Berber Rug

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  • This is a vintage Moroccan Beni McGuild tribal rug sourced in Marrakech. The colors present in this geometric pattern are muted, jewel-tone purple, teal and sandy browns mixed with gray. This rug is handmade and features two sides, one for summer and one for winter. When these rugs are made, they are started with a finished edge and ended with fringe. As is tradition, the Beni'mguild designs featured loops at the corners to allow one to pack up their belongings in the rug itself to transport them across the Moroccan landscape. They are perfectly imperfect, and each rug is unique, no two are ever exactly alike. There are signs of the age of this rug present in wear located at the edges, shown in the images.

    This rug measures 11'8" L x 6'3.5" W, although the width does vary along the rug and is widest at the edges. Each side of this rug is shown in the images-- the brighter side is the winter side and the more muted side is for summer. This is a flat-weave rug made with 100% natural fibers, likely hand-spun wool by the Berber women of the Atlas mountain region. We've also included an image of the rug when it was sourced in Marrakech (last image) in the very shop we discovered it.

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