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At Laurier Blanc if there's any country that permeates us entirely it would be France. We have French pieces in virtually every category, Jewelry to barware to any piece of furniture. If French is your only true love then we've got it all here for you. We have Napoleonic art featuring Napoleon himself and images of French society during his reign. We also carry antique maps of France. 19th century angel statuary or shells found on the shores of the Mediterranean are things that we acquire on our excursions into France. Jewelry featuring antique crucifixes or 1950's lettering taken from a demolished storefront are other things you may come across at Laurier Blanc. French fragments made of gesso and adorned with gilt and plaster plaques featuring saints and Greek gods are here as well. Aging wooden bits and parts from antique signage long ago and clock faces that no longer turn are some of our French favorites. 

In Paris, there's really no place like marché aux puces, also known as the Paris flea markets, which have been a treasured tradition for over a hundred years and are widely known as one of the best shopping resources in the world.  A perfect early morning with an espresso and pain au chocolate hunting for treasures is one of our favorite ways to experience this exquisite city.  Strolling the markets is also the perfect way to spend an afternoon, cutting through little streets and alleys, admiring the curated collections dealers have laid out.

     We stumbled across a 19th century French clock face on one of our visits. It was a tiny or rather a micro-market on a cobblestone path in a far corner of Paris. The proprietor had an unusually large amount of old wicker baskets. Not much caught our eyes except for this rather large piece which was bought from an old country church. It rested on the church tower. It's got a frosted glass backing. This could fit nicely in a child's room or in an industrial space like an architectural firm. The beauty of the clock is its sculptural qualities. The glass back is almost geometric in appearance. If this piece were hung and floated high in a space it would become something irreverent. It would be contemplative for the people that occupied it's space. It could be a kind of mythic masterpiece in your sleeping quarters. Is it a glass shroud, is it a clock...? For your garden removing the glass and mounting it to a wall or base could create a gorgeous sculpture of vine with rust. A monument to the sun. 

This collection represents our favorite finds from the markets, dealers and artisans of Paris and France. We've got trays featuring a Parisian motif that can set off any foodie's taste buds into throwing a French themed party featuring espresso, pastries, wine and more. Solid oak desks made from reclaimed wood and fashioned with brass escutcheons that include locks long frozen however we can outfit locks either with new or if possible repair them. If your wanting French Imperialist propaganda to add to your collection we might be able to source it for you through one of our archivists. 



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