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     The team at Laurier Blanc hand-sources items abroad. We may bring back with us a Buddha from India or an 18th century antique amulet from Southern Laos. A handwoven-basket from Indonesia, javastone and fair-trade soap from Asia. A blue-glass jar of sand from the beach in Indonesia that's been blessed may be found here along with shells. Prayer beads and bracelets featuring carved skulls and journals have a home here. Colored cloth fragments with the Buddha, brass trays with cones of incense sitting on a teakwood ottoman from Indonesia can be had here. Magical fortune-telling trinkets and games. Didactic Cambodian diagrams for the evolution of the spirit. Ritualistic bits and pieces found along our travels in the kingdom of Bhutan. Linens vibrant with natural-dyes for the body and the beach. Objects that encourage wonder and good deeds. Gorgeous rocks found on beach, recycled bags for light travel, pretty journals, lovely blue and green oil lamps from Sri Lanka.

     We have pages of new parchment that showcases fine golden sanskrit against textured black paper sitting next to an image of an angel carved in rock during the Tang dynasty. Silk beaded bags from Singapore hang elegantly on the body and are moderate in size. Our very lightweight liquor bottles come in very large to small and feature various labels and could easily be used as a prop in a stage production. Our accessories are comprised of odds and ends, bits and pieces, and solid substantial objects that can be a focal point for any room. We have several Bhutan prayer flags framed and ready for a room that gets a lot of sun and needs some spiritual flair added to it. Our gold earrings are vibrant and colorful with intricate detail. We can help you create Asian fusion in your western home with our finds.


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