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European Treasures

     Laurier Blanc has European treasures from all over. We've got oak librarian desks featuring wormholes from over century ago. A weathered desk with a patina that's a gorgeous dark green with black that almost beckons a new owner to come and sit and read. If your looking for something more sleek and modern we have that as well. We have got large pine dining tables simple and classic for your farm or lake house with a bakers mold to sit on top. If you'd like something super-rustic and rough around the edges we can source it globally for you.

     If you like to live in the realm of religious fervor then we've got so much to offer you. 18th-19th century saints crafted of wood or stone or bronze with centuries of devotion alongside an antique bible are available here as well as religious documents and painted images of the Virgin Mary with saints. If you desire porcelain we've got many porcelain odds and ends in addition to vases and urns that feature classic motifs of blues and yellows with cherubs and floral-leaf. These can be functional for the storage of cash or dried lavender or as a simply decorative piece.

     Our folding pine tables are delicate nuances for the corner of a room or to carry outside for a little picnic with your kids. They're great to throw a bundle of lavender on with some quartz crystal and amethyst sitting next to a plate of strawberry cupcakes and tuna fish sandwiches with a pitcher of lemonade and you're set. Our antique wine crates are great for holding various things. We've got large wooden crates that are perfect for holding towels at your pool house. Our antique wicker baskets are the right fit for tall plants. Framed and vintage French advertisements for Chanel to Hermes and others in gold frames are available and perfect for a bathroom or a graphic designers workspace. Zinc buckets and finials are a nice touch to a workspace.


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