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  • Luxe Inlaid Bone Playing Card Box with Playing Cards

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  • Inlaid Bone Playing Card Box with Playing Cards

    Card games have never been more elegant than with this beautifully crafted inlaid bone playing card box set. Sure to be a delightful conversation-starter at any card night, our unique card carrier is a distinguished addition to the entertainment.

    Exquisitely crafted with careful attention from smooth, natural camel bone, each card box is hand-crafted in India and shipped to you. This one-of-a-kind card box is hand-painted by local artisans with the classical King of Spades on the lid in metallic gold. The box interior is composed of rustic finished wood with an exterior that is luxuriously decorated with natural camel bone tiled casing. Meticulously put-together with careful consideration, your quality bone card box is sure to last for years of entertaining.

    Along with being a beautiful and interesting tabletop piece, this artful storage box can also be used to hold any number of household goods and trinkets such as jewelry and hairpins. An inlaid bone card box is also the perfect answer for your troubles of finding a gift for friends and family who love to entertain and be entertained with a delightful and thoughtful present. you may also think of pairing it with our exclusive matching inlaid bone dice box for a complete entertainment set.

    Our card box measures 3.5 inches wide, 4.75 inches long and 1.5 inches tall, making it perfect for entertaining at home or bringing with you for a touch of elegance to a game night out and about. Each inlaid bone playing card case also has non-skid padded feet on the base to protect any surface and dissuade from scratches to its charming surface.

    Each carrier comes stacked with a set of lovely geometrically designed black and white playing cards to let the games begin as soon as it arrives! 

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