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  • Golden Figs - Set of Five

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  • We love this adorable set of little Golden Figs because they are perfect for when you just a need a little something extra to add interest and life to your space. The perfect addition to dress up a small dish or bowl, this gorgeous set of Golden Figs will become your new favorite piece of decor.

    The set comes with five 3.5” resin figs in burnished gold that looks perfectly distressed and adds a bit of vintage style to your decor. Each individual fig in the set is totally unique, too! These differences in size, shape, and color help make them look as though they were picked right from a tree and dipped in antiqued gold.

    This set of Golden Figs would look totally adorable in a row on a shelf or bookcase, or stacked up in a little pile in an area of your home that you want to draw attention to. Imagine a cluster of these precious figs along your fireplace mantel, or on a spare windowsill! We’ve showcased our set of Golden Figs in a simple wooden bowl to show a possible arrangement for a table or countertop. We’ve also shown them arranged on a concrete slab to show how beautiful this set can be even on the most simplistic of surfaces. You aren’t just limited to one set of figs, either! Collect a few different sets to make your home look like a beautiful orchard brimming with golden fruit.

    We love this golden fig set because it is an affordable way to add a dash of class and elegance to any room in your home. Decorative fruit has been around since the beginning of home staging and interior decorating because they are inviting and sweet. Your guests are sure to adore your set of Golden Figs, and we are certain that you will, too!

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Golden Figs - Set of Five

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