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  • Cast Iron Tulip Planter

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  • These unique planters are inspired by mid-century European designs, and you are sure to love the simple elegance of the cast iron material and the one of a kind style of the planter itself. We’ve redeveloped the simple planter concept with an interesting, stylish twist that is sure to catch the attention of your guests. The reason we chose cast iron is because this material is the perfect way to add rustic beauty and to guarantee better wear, texture, and value. Cast iron is ultra durable and resistant to all kinds of chemical and physical damage, and that is why you tend to see cast iron in cooking, pipes, machinery, and automotive parts. We love the idea of using this heavy duty material in such a delicate looking and beautiful application because it is surprising and unique. This planter is sure to strike interest at your next garden party!

     Use your Cast Iron Tulip Planter as a home for your favorite plant, or it can act as a unique centerpiece on your dining room table. Your planter can perfectly house decorative fruit, or it can act as a functional bowl in your hallway to collect keys. We’ve featured our Cast Iron Tulip Planter with glass orbs and a geode accompaniment to show its potential to create an interesting, eye catching, modern focal point.

    Our Cast Iron Tulip Planters are perfect indoors or out, and they are sure to develop a unique patina over time. Due to the nature of cast iron, rust can also develop and is perfectly normal and to be expected, as the piece is not sealed from moisture. A sealant can be used on this piece to prevent rust, but not required. As these are all  handmade pieces, variations in the coloring and finish are typical, the images shown may not fully reflect the finish of each piece and will vary greatly between pieces.

    Each Cast Iron Tulip Planter measures 19.5" in diameter and 9" high. Since these planters are carefully crafted to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping time. Each order includes insurance, as well.

    We absolutely love these Cast Iron Tulip Planters because they are versatile, durable, and gorgeous in just about any setting.

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