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  • Antique German Black Forest Roe Trophies of the Grand Dukes of Baden

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  • An extraordinary grouping of antique Roe trophies attributed to The Grand Dukes of Baden. Each trophy is mounted on an original, hand carved Black Forest plaque. Mounted on the bottom of each plaque, just below the cap is the wappen of the Grand Dukes of Baden. The Kingdom of Baden became a Duchy when Napoleon came through in 1806. Since the Baden Royal family did not resist Napoleon, and he stayed in one of their castles for quite a while, he granted them Duchy status (thus, the Grand Dukes and Dukes of Baden). These trophies are part of a larger group of pieces attributed to the Grand Dukes of Baden, a German Duchy which existed from 1806-1918.  

    Each plaque measures approximately 11.5" H x 6.5" W. Trophies range from 16" to 18" in height and 4" to 7" in depth (from antler tips to wall). When selecting a trophy, the item numbers for each trophy are shown on the image of each, so please let us know which trophy or trophies you would like to purchase. There are currently 6 pieces available.

    The description will be updated to reflect the number of available pieces. Part of The European Hunt collection, this collection of antique hunting trophies from German and Austrian royalty and houses of nobility has been examined and appraised by James Supp of Coronado Trading Co., who is best known for his work with the PBS production "Antiques Roadshow." All pieces in this collection have been examined and appraised and come with a Certificate of Authenticity document.

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