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  • Antique French Clamshell Bénetier Holy Water Font

  • $3,295.00

  • This is a large, antique clamshell bénetier (holy water font) that was once installed in a church in France. In Roman Catholic churches there is a bowl (stoup or font) of holy water near the doors, so that the faithful may bless themselves with it on entering. This shell may have originated from French Polynesia, and has traveled quite some distance over time to be here in our gallery. The interior of the shell is aged with years of use, shown in the images. The cement used to install the shell is still present on the bottom, but as it is a similar color to the shell itself, it's well integrated visually. The cement also allows it to sit flush on a surface.

    Measures 35" L x 24" D x 13" H. Cement is attached to the base allowing it to sit flush on a surface, which was how this piece was once installed. The cement is visible in some of the images, but is done in a way that does not compete with the beauty of the shell itself. This piece is very heavy and must be crated for shipping.

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