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  • Acrylic Glass Nilleq Side Table & Stool

  • $3,300.00

  • You deserve something beautiful and unique, just like you! That’s why we’ve created this extraordinary piece of practical art. Our Acrylic Glass Nilleq Side Table & Stool is sure to be a topic of conversation at your next gathering because it is a completely unique and breathtaking design that most people haven’t seen before. Each piece is constructed carefully by hand with handcrafted acrylic glass embedded with real pieces of driftwood. These pieces are sized for a side table and for seating as a stool or ottoman. Each piece is cut, sanded, and hand polished to achieve that perfect transparency that is just spectacular. This work of art is also functional, making it the perfect piece of jewelry for your living space.

    We consider our Acrylic Glass Nilleq Side Table & Stool to be a technical feel of design and engineering. The ability to trap such a beautiful piece of nature and encase it forever in polished transparent glass is just astonishing. This collect is a torrent, a piece of the raging river that has been shaped by the current, caught out of thin air and trapped in time. When you examine the wood inside, you’ll read the novel of the years seen by the branch. What a beautiful and unique story to share in your home! Whether you place your Acrylic Glass Nilleq Side Table & Stool in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or den, we are certain that the unique design that marries art and functionality will add life and beauty to any space.

    Please consider that since each piece is made to order, allow 12 weeks for production and delivery. Each Acrylic Glass Nilleq Side Table & Stool is totally unique based on the wood used inside, so please expect variations in the coloring of the trunk.

    Sized 11.8"in W x 11.8" L x 17.7" H

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