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  • 19th Century St. Hubertus Red Stag Hunting Trophy with Fürst Pless Horn

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  • Truly an exceptional piece in the collection, this magnificent 19th century St. Hubertus Red Stag hunting trophy originated from the Eckartsau castle of Emperor Franz Josef in the Southern Austrian Alps.

    Eckartsau was a favorite hunting schloss of the Habsburg family. The hand-carved replacement plaque includes an exquisite crucifix of Christ on the cross, meant to be in honor of St. Hubertus (also known as Hubert), the 7th century patron saint of hunters. This crucifix is removable and an image of the mount without that piece is present in this listing for reference.

    Echoing the fragility of Creation and the confirmation of it. We are all in a pecking order and at the moment we're at the front of it. In a web of dominion the European Hunt Collection represents the masculine contribution - the stirring of the alpha in all of Us. Hubertus was the bereaved noblemen that encountered in the dark forest the great stag with the cross in the green. During this holy visitation he was told that all wild game should be treated with the utmost integrity and respect. He was transformed, morality was given another thread and this became the law of the land for ages onward.

    This Black Forest style carved plaque has then been painted in the Italian polychrome technique by an artisan in Italy who uses this old world gilding technique. Also attached is the original Fürst-Pless hunt Horn and wappen of a hessian officer.. The Fürst-Pless-Horn was named in 1880 by Hans Heinrich XI., Prince of Pless, the Colonel Jägermeister under the Emperors Wilhelm I and Wilhelm II. He was part of one of the mightiest families of nobility throughout Europe and owned many coal mines within Poland. His lavish lifestyle produced tragic and scandalous events for himself and his family. The international press took note and they became one of the hot topics of the time period. Heinrich's two sons would later fight against the Nazis during World War II.

    The plaque of this piece measures 29 inches in length and 19.5 inches wide. The crucifix measures 21 inches long and 12.5 inches wide. The antlers have a spread of 52 inches wide and a depth of 23 inches from wall to tip. The total height of this piece is 51 inches.

    Part of The European Hunt collection, this collection of antique hunting trophies from German and Austrian royalty and houses of nobility has been examined and appraised by James Supp of Coronado Trading Co., who is best known for his work with the PBS production "Antiques Roadshow." Laurier Blanc was proud to be involved in the donation of the relic of St. Hubertus to the esteemed International Order of St. Hubertus in 2015, one of only three surviving remaining relics of this saint in the world.

    All pieces in this collection have been examined and appraised and come with a Certificate of Authenticity document.

    Item ref: EHC-2018-28SHS


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