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  • 19th c Austrian Red Stag Trophy from Eckartsau Castle, Austria

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  • 19th century Austrian red stag on original Black Forest carved plaque that hung in Emperor Franz Josef's castle at Eckartsau in the Southern Austrian Alps. Eckartsau was a favorite hunting schloss of the Habsburg family. The plaque itself is an original, hand-carved plaque with an oak leaf and acorn theme. The original lettering on the cap reads Frhrr Lanzenfeld, or Baron Lazenfeld, a member of nobility who would have been hunting with the Emperor.

    Plaque measures 13"H x 10.75"W. Total height is 29", antler spread is 22.5" and the antler depth is 19" (to the wall).

    Part of The European Hunt collection, this collection of antique hunting trophies has been examined and appraised by James Supp of Coronado Trading Co., who is best known for his work with the PBS production "Antiques Roadshow." All pieces in this collection have been examined and appraised and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

    Item ref: EHC-2018-57S

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