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     Laurier Blanc's trays range from a worn English aesthetic to sleekly defined modern style from the USA, France and Belgium. Our trays are functional and decorative and can furnish any party or dinner. We've got the whimsical from Jonathan Adler with his Eve Two-tiered tray in a gold brass with an outstretched hand seemingly reaching up to the beyond. This is perfect for baby cupcakes, lemon tarts and blood red valentines day cookies. It's simply fun and pretty on a table at a party. Also from Adler is the Barbell Handled Leather tray with accented stitching. This tray screams hyper-masculinity and is perfect for your friend's frat party or your husband's law firms get together.

     Kuhn Keramik's smaller trays in odd shapes are enigmatic and perfect for a students desk or bar setting. Our intricate Egyptian gold aluminum trays are round and perfect for a party where you wish to spice things up and mix and match barware and serving dishes or perhaps your desserts will have an Egyptian theme. Our handmade Moroccan ceramic trays are so pretty you won't wish to cover them but they are food safe. Our Black Calf Hair and Polished Brass tray is super sleek and soft to the touch. We've got trays with inland wood but also we've got the vintage Italian or French tray that you're looking for as well. Some vintage trays feature iconic images or a hotel's signage.

     Trays are something that can be stored away or left out as a permanent decorative item. Our Whitewash Birch glass tray is light-hearted and elegant at the same time! We have brass handled trays crafted to resemble bamboo and feature marble trays in two sizes. These make a statement when used together at a party.  Our glass trays feature on their bottoms and sides images of old world France or the reproduced image of a Central Park map.


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