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Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials


Laurier Blanc strives to make even the bare necessities feel elegant. In this travel collection, you’ll find all the vital travel items, each infused with a bit more flair and personality than the average travel supplies. These pieces were individually selected for their utility and for their voice. In the Laurier Blanc travel collection you’ll find a variety of the ultimate travel accessory: the bag. Expertly crafted tote bags, woven by hand, help you pack in style, and ensure you’ll never have your bag mistaken for another’s. Faux leather cosmetic bags in a variety of colors and designs can accentuate any travel entourage. People looking for trendier accessories with a little bit of snark have their pick of several cotton canvas pouches with clever prints and sayings guaranteed to delight. Match the phrase to your unique personality. As with every Laurier Blanc collection, there’s a touch of the unusual to be found here, as well. For those who enjoy recording their wanderlust, this collection offers handmade paper journals with a gorgeous prayer flag design. Store your adventures in a vintage journal from the Himalayas. This travel collection is also home to vintage soap containers made from polished nickel and enamel, brought all the way from France. Not many soap containers have ever doubled as conversation pieces, but these polished travel accessories definitely pack intrigue to spare. Vision and commitment need not be compromised for the sake of travel, either. Laurier Blanc’s travel collection has a variety of eco-friendly options including weekender bags made from recycled cement bags. Despite their second-hand origin, these bags still manage to boast rich, beautiful designs. And of course no travel collection would be complete without a little something to help ease the long plane flights. High end sleeping masks made of faux fur and velvet offer a stylish way to recharge. Similarly soft wool and cashmere tablet cases keep your electronics safe from damage while they journey the world with you. Matching carryall pouches keep your travel kits cohesive. Nothing ends up in a Laurier Blanc collection by mistake. Each piece in this travel collection has been singled out for its uniqueness and utility. All wildly different, they still manage to come together into a unified collection that offers something for everyone.


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