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Tina Frey Designs Handmade Resin

     Tina Frey a San Francisco based artisan crafts with her hands, she literally feels what she creates then gives it to the world, her fans. Laurier Blanc loves her work and admires her talent. She draws inspiration from nature and the elements in addition to food and pieces of art she encounters while traveling the world. Her pieces begin as clay, then she sands by hand in an individualized resin mold. Her pieces are delicate and require special care as they are comprised of resin. They are clean and contemporary with an earthy feel and are food safe. They are functional resin-based pieces. Food is universal it is undeniable in its power to unite people.

     We carry her ice buckets, champagne buckets, ice scoop and her trio of bowls on dish. In addition we have her exquisite extra large tray which features leather handles. Her white large square salad bowl is great for any experienced chef or mom that makes a quick chicken Caesar salad for her family. These pieces are great for the minimalist but will go with the neo-baroque or the French country decor. They are standout pieces working well alone or together on pine or sleek black slate table.

     They compliment the Buddhist and the yogi, the business man and the interior designer. Her designs are comforting to gaze at on a table as they remind someone of the comfort of the womb and the mother. Her trays can be used to hold bits of cheese with basil encrusted crackers and garlic. They can hold lemon tarts all aligned in perfect rows for your guests. Cupcakes that Marie Antoinette would admire are perfect for her trays. Or even chicken tenders! Don't be afraid to experiment with food ideas, her pieces are your palette. Simplicity is what she gives you. It's your decision what to fill the vessel with, something dense, something light or wild or going back to simple again. Whatever you desire she supports you wholeheartedly.


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