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     Our seating collection at Laurier Blanc is quite large and ranges from the contemporary to the odd and quirky. We like to fashion our seating as key points within a world map. Each point is a prompt to engage with the emotion of another culture. Antique Chesterfield sofas tufted in dark green are large and have a life all their own. Champagne cork stools crafted of real cork from Portugal, this cork stool is shaped exactly like a champagne cork stopper and is functional as a small side table as well! Luxurious Tibetan lamb cube ottomans create a whimsical feel both visually and tactile, while classical Louis XVI chairs upholstered in white muslin make a perfect spot to enjoy a book. Iron Belgian chairs in a rust painted finish, folding bistro chairs, and iron benches all ready to take their place on your patio. Both Indoors and out.

     Our Elba Wing Chair has a perfectly balanced retro with modern aesthetic meshed with a post-modern feel. In other words, it looks cool and feels amazing. It's like having a tiny spaceship in your drawing room to dream your days (or nights) away. Our Gilt Leg Bench in a dreamy, creamy shade of velvet will bring you back to Earth and let you get focused on your day ahead as you sit down to tie your shoes. It is best suited for a queen size bed. It's authentic French elegance at an affordable price. Our Antique Habsburg Red Antler Leather chair in someone's den or office becomes sort of like the iconic defining piece of your home. Its placement must be perfect as its going to definitely be the conversation starter at your parties or client meetings. This is a piece that must have a special home.

     Our Acrylic Glass Kisimi Hekla side table is nature paused. This side table doubles as a stool and inside the acrylic block is captured and frozen a collection of driftwood. Everything inside and out is cut to precision like God did it himself...or herself. It also comes with an entire trunk of driftwood inside if that is what you prefer. These pieces are ethereality in a cube. 


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