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     Laurier Blanc's Seaside Collection consists of many things with many shades of blue. We enjoy catering to our nautically-inclined public. Beyond salty air and antique shells we've got an array of functional items. From time to time midcentury French oyster baskets will find their way into our shop. These guys are a bit rusty and worn but still more than able to carry just about anything! Picture them being used on your beach area to carry towels and sunscreen or if you're a realist you may want actual oysters sitting inside. These are quite practical and could be used in the family garden to carry bulbs for planting or simply have them sitting in your bedroom holding bundles of dried lavender. Our golden brass anchors have functional hooks and are perfect for the kitchen or bedroom in your beachside home. Our rustic porthole mirror with its antiqued finish is perfect for your kids room or even above the television in your living area.

     Our two-tiered mirrored anchor trays in brushed brass feature designer anchors on either sides and lovely mirrored glass bottoms. Perfect sitting on top of a dresser or in your powder room. We've got taxidermied tortoise and various Mexican starfish specimens that look fantastic sitting on a stack of stained and tattered 19th century books. These guys will prompt you to venture out onto your own beach and search for more.  We have a predilection in our shop for vintage seascape paintings. Often you will find an original oil of a boat on the Seine or a watercolor perhaps of a group of sailors hanging out in the Pacific.

     Books illustrating ships in battle with man or beast with other fantastic scenes are sometimes available here. Many decorative items made of ceramic, glass or wood featuring the iconography of the great oceans are occasionally in our shop as well. Lamps with coral bases are fabulous and fun when it gets dark. If that sounds too intimidating we've got our practical Sailor's Knot zip top pouches featuring three choices, "Smile","Relax" or "Escape" whichever slogan is most needed in your life! These are cute, unisex and quite durable out on the sand.



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