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Pillows & Rugs


No room is complete without a few carefully selected rugs or throw pillows. These items have a special place in the style of a room because they can be easily moved and changed. As seasons change and holidays arrive, rugs and pillows take on the roll of dynamic artwork. Laurier Blanc has expertly selected the ideal accent items to bring every room to life no matter the time of year. Possibly the most eclectic Laurier Blanc collection, there’s something for every home here. From experimental rug designs that invoke the feel of modern chic to the more exotic faux fur designs, the perfect match for every floor is available. Each piece was individually chosen for inclusion in this collection, guaranteeing a stand out product. These high-quality pieces are eye-catching and charming. A home’s style should be all-encompassing, but sometimes it can be hard to fit that artistic appeal outside. In this collection, there are doormats with clever words and phrases or elegant designs that will compliment the street view of any house. For a modern appeal, indoor rugs with bright designs can augment the style of otherwise plain rooms. Vintage cowhide and deer skin rugs from the French countryside provide a more rustic look in busier rooms. These rugs can double as decorations to be draped over furniture as well as floor coverings, lending a fluidity to the decor of any room. Overdyed Turkish rugs have been selected for their history. These vintage, hand-knotted rugs are re-dyed to preserve and update their original patterns while still holding on to the talent and history of the original design. Overdyed rugs are a wonderful way to add the missing historical element to a room. From the other side of the world, this collection also has Peruvian rugs. Their woven aesthetic and reversible designs splash a little color around and give off a more cheerful vibe. Paired with Turkish cotton pillows or paisley designs also available in the collection offer a bright decor guaranteed to fill any room with rich color. When overlooked, rugs and pillows can ruin the cohesion of a room. Pieces from the Lauren Blanc rug and pillow collection have been purposefully chosen for their ability to bring a room together. These dynamic decor pieces are the missing element to a completed look.


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