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     At Laurier Blanc we receive new items on a weekly basis. Our new French vintage crystal perfume bottle is soft, lovely and catches the light in your powder room or bedroom quite nicely. You can refill it with the fragrance of your choice but we prefer it empty. We have many signed designer glass pieces here. Found silver trays engraved are great conversation pieces. We have Italian crucifixes varying greatly in size from the 1800's, some are wearable and some are for adorning one's wall with. Anyway you wish to display their antique glory they'll look great among other home necessities such as an early 20th century mail holder that features a name engraving of a French hotel. On our recent buying trip to Italy we purchased a great deal of religious items featuring many framed images of Christ and the Virgin Mary in addition to wooden and brass crucifixes which vary in size. 

     Our antique brass crucifix has a surface that almost glows. It's clear it has passed through many hands over the ages! We brought back with us an antique wood box with bird inlay decoration. Roman numerals adorn its sides going up to XI. This box has a lot going on. Velvet lines its interior in addition its got other painted details on its wooden body. A thoughtful gift. One of our favorite reproduced items is the Xavier Drinks Table which has a gold metal hand-finished frame and a luscious cream marble top. 

      We have recently acquired many different pieces of silver items, trays, mail holders, cups, pitchers and silver-plate containers from Europe. Also we obtained crystal dishes or varying shapes and sizes with some bearing a maker's mark. We now have a selection of candle sconces from Spain that can be wired for modern-day use. Our wooden Eiffel tower sculpture in 3 parts goes great on a patio and could be something to dress with a vine plant, allowing it to takeover the piece. New pieces of vintage cut glass from France, vases and a silver place service set are available now as well. Our Comptoir Cabinet from the French Empire with a painted scene on both doors is something of a stand-out piece if used in a kitchen or dining area. If you're looking to stay in one geographical location such as France or even just Paris we may be able to furnish your home with just items from these places.


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