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     Laurier Blanc likes to promote elegant partying with the term "luxe libations". We have got the coolest, hippest and the funkiest barware and baresque accessories for your next party. But our items breathe on their own even when the party's over. They are too beautiful. Let's start the celebration off with our soul-stirring evil eye demitasse spoons uncovered within the labyrinths of the Istanbul markets. The evil eye is a staple of each home within the culture and is said to provide powerful protection against evil. You'll be charmingly bold. If your spouses ex wanders into your party we've got you covered! Set a few of these out on one of our iconic Veuve Clicquot Champagne glass trays, light our Bamboo fragranced candle by NEST and your festivities become ritualistic grandeur.

     Artisan Tina Frey's various resin-based barware is always a welcome and industriously earthy way to furnish your get-together. Our tall Ayurvedic Copper water bottle sitting on your bar is a vessel for a healing tonic when your guests get a bit too rowdy. The Cristal Champagne glass tray can be used to hold fruit like plums or dates or a bowl of peanuts. The Moroccan colored glass sets with gold etching can be given in gift bags at the end of your celebration or used throughout it to burn votives. A sign designating the bar area is needed and we've got an antiqued sign to hang or simply lean against a stack of books.   

     A gorgeous centerpiece for a bar is our hand-cut glass patterned decanter made in India. It sparkles with your nightlife. Any item from Kuhn-Keramik is a welcome addition to any party. Many feature daring and risque slogans which are perfect for a bar setting along with the Stone Paris bowl which is reminiscent of the French handkerchief style bowls and adds drama and interest to any space indoors or out. It can be filled with ice or loads of rose petals...


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