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     Lucite was initially thought to be something of an ephemeral trend however that proved to be a false prophecy as it exploded into the world and consciousness of hi-fashion and extravagant living. At Laurier Blanc it's still raging on and has settled into its own now highly affordable niche. You needn't be an contemporary art snob to cherish Lucite or acrylic. Our Lucite items come as tables, chairs, ottomans, lamps and more. We have our famous or rather infamous piece titled The Clear Acrylic Blair Tablecloth Table is almost a tongue twister and the table is a piece that prompts artful pondering and wonder in the people that stand next to it. It's almost a ghost in the room at your party but not quite. It almost seems like a lost relic from Alice in Wonderland but no. You can be certain your guests will never stop commenting on its ripples, its waves, its life-like presence.

     Our Ariston acrylic arm chair has a creamy-grey faux leather seat and is part space-age part past to create a kind of enigma within your space. The glass Kisimi side table or stool is a collection of found driftwood branches, pieces that were put into a kind of personal time capsule for Mother Earth and brought to your living space. They are encased in acrylic and are stunning and have a life of their own. The Bella Acrylic cube with a taupe colored tufted-top and handles on either sides is great in front or to the side of a desk and can be used to place a tray of candles on top. We have acrylic bar stools fitted with gold hardware and for your desk we've got a simple clear acrylic chair. Its see through appearance is almost magical and these chairs are quite durable and go great in a room with bright walls.


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