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Faux Fur

     Laurier Blanc is a fan of faux fur everything which we feel like makes a stylish impact for your living space.  We particularly love accessories covered in faux animal skin like Champagne or wine buckets and bar trays. We carry a large inventory of animal prints which are designed then dyed onto actual cowhide rugs. Our super-plush faux fur eye masks come in various shades, leopard print is our favorite. If something is available in an animal print we can acquire it for you.

     Leopard print lampshades in an otherwise minimalist-space will literally and figuratively illuminate and anchor it with elegance, nothing else required. A cream-colored couch can be adorned and anchored with an animal print throw and pillows. Animal prints in an otherwise minimalist atmosphere gives an aesthetic of uncertainty when viewing the room. It provides the room a certain sophistication with a kind of mystery (a la glam!). We have glamorous faux Mink throws in ivory, blonde and frosted grey. They are soft and luxurious additions to your bedroom or spot by the fire. Luxe makes a fabulous faux Leopard print throw that will anchor any minimalist room. It will bounce off a neutral palette and give any room a masculine edge and flavor. This throw is also good for a young boys room if you are going for a playful safari themed atmosphere.

     We've got other items as well that may have bits of faux fur on them that has become worn from use over the decades or centuries. We also customize items so if you are looking for a desk that can be covered with faux zebra skin we can assist you in possibly finding a maker. We can also source various sizes of faux fur rugs and throws for you as well across the globe.


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