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     Handmade Egyptian products have unique "soul" which gives them extra value and beauty. These highly skilled artisan makers we've sourced from Egypt often combines their ancient techniques with a modern twist to create bohemian inspired, yet completely elegant pieces perfect for mixing and layering in your home or as special and unique jewelry pieces to compliment your own style. We feature small and large gold aluminum circular trays incised with various geometrical designs. These are great for holding cups of tea or coffee or wine as well as finger foods. In addition they may be placed on a table or ottoman as a decorative piece that can hold some votives or perhaps a small houseplant.

     Our jewelry from Egypt is quite intricate in design but never gaudy in its appearance, they are the accoutrements of great style! Our trio tassel handmade bracelets in gold with black or tan colored tassels are plush and elegant and go well with any pair of designer jeans. If you prefer just a duo of tassels we have a bracelet with brown or cream tassels. Our Honey Drop earrings are crafted by skilled artisans in Egypt using a lifetime of cultural knowledge passed from generation to generation. They are to die for. Our Bells bracelet in taupe with gold bindings and tiny golden bells. Wear these when you want to make an impression when entering a room.

     We have many more tasseled bracelets in gold with various colored tassels in different shapes and sizes for you to choose from. Our necklace called the Sunshine necklace is created by a jewelry artisan in Egypt and features taupe cloth embellishments with metallic-gold and brass. It's something you'd wear with jeans or pants with a simple T-shirt. If you've got a friend or family member or teenager that embodies an earthy-appearance or lifestyle they'll probably love these.


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