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Classical & Antique Mirrors

Classical & Antique Mirrors


A reflection is about more than just seeing how well your hair faired last night. A mirror reflects a brief glance into the soul and the voice of the person staring into it. They can bring a style and feel to a room unlike anything provided by traditional art. Laurier Blanc’s collection of antique and classical mirrors offers exemplary examples of just what a mirror can be. Each piece was individually selected for its history, style and purpose. Antique mirrors found in France as well as newer mirrors following in the style of French pier glass bring enough old world charm to elevate any room. Antique mirrors are about more than just utility, they provide a centerpiece for any room. They command attention and provide a dose of depth and history to their surroundings. The mirrors in this collection range from simple yet elegant gold trim to elaborate framing made of trophy antlers. Each is perfectly suited to a different style of home. Gold leafed and beveled mirrors were added to this collection for their rich quality and aesthetic appeal. There’s something about the pairing of gold against a mirror’s glass that betrays a full history of European classicalism. Laurier Blanc’s mirror collection brings this rich past back to life in new locations. Most mirrors in the Laurier Blanc collection are sturdy and meant to be mounted on a wall. However, smaller, lighter mirrors are also represented. Etched table mirrors from France offer the perfect accent to a vanity or desk and sunburst acrylic mirrors bring a more modern take on the vintage mirror. In the vein of circular mirrors, a porthole mirror is among the more rustic options this collection has to offer. Some mirrors are customizable for even further levels of personalization and each mirror has the uniqueness that only hand-crafted artwork can boast. These mirrors aren’t from an assembly line. Each one is that special find, perfectly tailored to complete the right room. Mirrors can be as personal as a painting. They’re suited to all rooms, not just the bathroom. A well-placed mirror can bring a room to life. Laurier Blanc is dedicated to making sure each available mirror is unique and eye-catching. Mirrors bring soul and voice to any environment, and no room should be without that expression.


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