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Artwork makes a house a home. All the furniture and flooring in the world can’t compensate for big, empty walls -- and there’s nothing quite like a well-adorned room with style, sophistication, and personality. Break up the wide expanse of wall space with intriguing, custom pieces that bring each room to life, allowing your home to truly speak! Laurier Blanc has individually selected over two dozen pieces for this art collection. A wide variety of eye-catching antique works of art that command attention. Each room can find its perfect match amongst these treasures. Rec rooms and living spaces can be expertly accented by an appraised deer trophy mounted on a pristine plaque. Far from ordinary antler mounts, these unique stag trophies don’t sit on the shelves of the local sporting goods store. Instead they come adorned with hunting horns and hand-crafted caps. For the adventurous at heart, authentic antique swords lay across the antlers, giving an extra layer of historical richness to the piece. Cozier, more homey rooms are expertly served by gorgeous French artwork. Decorative signs and vintage lithographs bring a little bit of Europe to everything they touch. Some paintings are beautiful, traditional works while others drift towards the experimental, all the while still retaining that cozy, old-world charm. There are no ordinary works. Each piece has its own feel and personality: Hand-drawn, framed artwork to give indoor walls a sense of life, and hand-painted doors and sculptures to add to a home’s appeal from the outside. Sturdy, meticulously-crafted sculptures can light up rough areas of a home that might otherwise be difficult to decorate. More than just beautiful, these art pieces strive for thought-provoking. Each suggests a fascinating, complex history. The goal of this collection is to bring into a home not just art, but true personality, as well. The diversity of the collection ensures that the perfect piece is present, no matter the size or style of house. No two pieces of art from this collection are alike, and none of them the mass-produced artwork already filling thousands of homes. The Laurier Blanc art collection offers the opportunity to be bold and step away from your surroundings. Art is a conversation. Every piece available in this collection is rich enough in history and appeal to sustain an entire discussion, not just begin one.


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