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19th century Belgian Plaster "Masters" Collection

     Laurier Blanc carries a truly exceptional collection of original religious pieces and architectural fragments that were recently discovered in Bruges, Belgium and are the considered the original "masters" for molds and models where pieces were made for church altars and estates across Europe in the 1800s.  The original family's factory was bombed in WWI, thus these masters were moved for protection to the family's home in Bruges. The factory was forced to close during the Nazi occupation during WWII and this is part of a collection of these plaster masters that were later discovered in the attic of the building. (This is where the term "masterpiece" originated). We see these historic pieces as an artful sculptural and religious pieces and have many of these treasures professionally mounted on acrylic. 

     Each piece has signs of aging and some level of distressing but we feel it adds to the character and integrity of the piece. Crafted of plaster, wood and burlap and some pieces include the metal rod for the mold. Crating and very special attention to shipping is given with freight shipment of the piece. These pieces have an ethereality to them given their own history and being stored in an attic where they simply sat for ages. The collection features a statue of Christ and various saints as well as a depiction of an unknown saint. The head of a lion wrapped in garland flowing down a column to its base or a scene involving the Virgin Mary reaching out to a saint is displayed within a relief.

     The material called plaster is a very soft material that has a deceiving ephemeral appearance however plaster was built to last through ages. It is a gorgeous substance and when applied to create an object or image it develops a glow almost immediately. This glow increases over the years. Its been said that plaster is the substance of clouds.


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