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  • Vintage Moroccan Harem Framed Photography

  • $125.00

  • We just love this vintage piece of framed photography we found at a dusty antique store in the passageways among the souks of Marrakech. Depicting a young girl from the life of a harem in Morocco during the 1940's, this piece of photography captures an enigmatic smile that is so rarely found in Moroccan photography of women.  Oh, what the stories she could tell...

    The tradition of living within an enclosed family community or "harem" began to subside during the 1950's with its emancipation from France in 1956 and harems slowly but steadily began to die out. Today harems are a thing of the past yet they continue to have a lot of allure and mysticism for the tourists who could only imagine in their heads what such a place would have been like.

    Framed in wood.

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