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  • Tuscan Terracotta and Chain Female Sculpture by Italian Artist G. Ginestroni

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  • This striking feminine sculpture known as the "Donna di Mezza Età" by Italian artist, Giovanni Ginestroni is made with Tuscan terracotta clay with iron chain detail. Literally translating into "Middle Aged Woman", this feminine figure is quite beautiful with a sensual detail in the artistry. We had the luck of meeting Giovanni on our recent trip to Italy, where we had the opportunity to tour his studio. Ginestroni's work has been exhibited in the Chianti Sculpture Park in Italy, and we feel honoured to be able to share his work in our gallery.

    This piece measures 30" H x 19.5" D x 15" W.

    Just one available and this piece is considered one of a kind. See images for full details.

    Artist Bio: Giovanni Ginestroni is a Tuscan born sculptor, close to the earth and enchanted by nature which are the major media and inspiration of his work. Clay is one of his favorite materials. The Tuscan terracotta, which Ginestroni is able to model with extreme virtuosity, ironically playing with the surface creating texture and finishes that transform his terracotta works into a sort of old rusty iron tools. Intrigued by locks and weave patterns, the shape of some of his figures or animals, like the Owl or the Panther, arises from the effect of interwoven strips of clay, blocked by bolts with a rusty surface. In other cases He seems to allude to the mystery of woman in his Fetish busts always closed with locks but not keys. Otherwise the big Lock with key modeled as an individual sculpture seems to explore more complex levels of memory to remind one that ‘the key is there’. Technically Ginestroni explores different media and solutions: bronze, stone, copper and wood that are often included in his repertoire of abstract or figurative sculptures to evoke human form and to allude to the human spirit. The artist explores as well the large-scale sculpture in his assemblages of disparate elements, that somehow come together as a whole, as in his imposing TOTEM with female faces or the one composed by lips. Always focusing on the relationship between the man-made and natural world, Ginestroni’s synthesis of his artistic researches is reached in the imposing Trojan Horse a unique piece of land-art conceived as an outdoor sculpture to live in. The project of this unique sculpture-architecture derives from an anatomical design of horse and was entirely hand made by the same artist. The body of the animal becomes a comfortable room, with glass walls, immersed in the surrounding countryside.
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