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  • LET IT BE Book by Katie Scott of KATIE Design

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  • Inspirational book from the stylish Katie Scott of KATIE Design, the story of her interior design - a classic and timeless renovation.


    "I am an interior designer by trade, and I was using my talent to create surroundings to stage my emotions in a way that reflected how I wanted to feel on the inside. I longed to feel true love and live in a paradise of internal peace, tranquility and adventure. My design would serve as an escape from reality and the commotion that life delivers.

    The problem was the “feelings” I designed were only temporary and fleeting. I wanted these feelings to last a lifetime. I recognized that it was my in+terior that was not complete, and my interior design skills could never fulfill or serve that purpose.

    With a desire to seek direction from God, and determination to discover my purpose, I questioned, “What is the reality of spirituality? Where will God take me?” In complete surrender, the design begins to unfold over a period of eighteen months as I journal an authentic accounting of my spiritual quest, revealing how I learned to “see, hear and feel” the power of Spirit which led me to discover true inner peace, an abundance of joy, new direction…and, an opportunity to meet my soul mate.

    While I may be a professional at renovating and restoring homes, God showed me that He is the professional at renovating and restoring souls. The glory of a renovation is turning something broken into something beautiful. This is the story of my in+terior design, my design from within, a classic and timeless renovation."

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