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  • Large Handmade Vintage French Dovecote Bird Cage "With a Story"

  • $945.00

  • While in Northern France recently curating for our container, we came across a dealer with a most interesting story, indeed. While purchasing a very large armoire, we noticed across the hall, a large scale but quite interesting birdcage that had a beautiful design of a traditional home. We later found that the birdcage design was created by an Allied soldier who was traveling through Lyon in Southeastern France during WWII. Apparently he was so taken by the architecture (and, ahem, experience) at a brothel there that he created a model upon his return home at the end of the war. Later, his grandson fashioned the model into a birdcage for him. We hadn’t been particularly looking for a birdcage at the time, but just had to acquire it and bring it back to the States after learning the original inspiration and history!

    Measures 48" L x 23.5" D x 35" H.

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