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  • Inlaid "Woven" Bone Box - Small

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  • Inlaid "Woven" Bone Box - Small

    Well-crafted down to the most minute details, this gorgeous inlaid bone box is designed to look as though the bone has been “woven” into itself. A timeless treasure, the inlaid woven bone box features an aesthetic simultaneously both vintage and modern.

    The bone white color of the box complements the woven design giving the box a classic appeal. The intricate details of the weaving also make this box perfect for your vanity.

    The Inlaid Woven Bone Box also comes with extra bone pieces. In the event that any of the original pieces need to be replaced, the owner will have everything they need. 

    The Inlaid Woven Bone Box measures 6 inches by 4 inches by and is 3.25 inches tall. The delicate box comes with pads at the bottom corners to protect any surface on which it may rest. 

    The Inlaid Woven Bone Box is made in India and belongs to the Laurier Blanc collection. The vision behind the Laurier Blanc collection comes from Susan Coppola -- founder of Laurier Blanc who has traveled the world to find beautiful, historic, and inspired pieces of home decor. Many items in the Laurier Blanc collection were found in Asia, Africa, and Europe, oftentimes in antique stores and old fashion marketplaces.

    The top of this inlaid woven bone box can be removed to reveal ample space for storing anything from jewelry to household items. You can use the box to store your most prized keepsakes or just items you don’t want to misplace. A beautiful statement piece that will add a unique flair to your home! 

    The Inlaid Woven Bone Box is a wonderful way to give jewelry to someone special. The small size of the box makes it perfect for a pair of earrings or a ring. This box is also available in medium and large sizes. This box comes in limited stock, so don’t delay in placing your order!

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