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  • Handmade Glazed Terra Cotta Moroccan Tajine in Pink

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  • In Morocco, the Tajine is an important part of everyday cooking. Much like a pressure cooker, this small "oven" is used to create wonderful dishes full of flavor and moisture. We love these items for decorative purposes as well, and they're so versatile in how they can be used. Store your Tajine next to your cooktop for easy access, or even use as a trinket box or decorative centerpiece. The soft, blush pink color is the perfect millennial hue that is endlessly popular and currently in style.

    The word “Tajine” has two different meanings, and both meanings reflect the importance of this item in North African culture. Tajine refers to the clay or ceramic cookware you see here. The word Tajine also refers to the stew like dish that is cooked in the same pot. Traditionally, a Tajine dish is slow cooked with meat, poultry, or fish, with vegetables and fruit mixed in. A lot of patience is involved when using a Tajine because the contents will reach a simmer slowly. Keep the lid closed and avoid constantly checking on the food, which can be difficult to do!

    The generous rim on this Tajine allows for a secure grip during transport, and the dome shaped lid lets steam circulate evenly during cooking. This steam then condenses and drips back into the contents, keeping your food moist without losing any valuable flavor. This pot will also be a conversation starter at your next dinner party or gathering. We recommend hand washing your Tajine, and draining the liquid and washing with warm soapy water (with mild unscented soap) immediately after use. Be sure to not soak your Tajine.

    Our gorgeous, inviting Handmade Glazed Terra Cotta Moroccan Tajine in Pink measures 6.5" diameter and 6" high. Each piece is handmade in Marrakech. Imported.

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