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  • Hand-carved Bone Skull Charm & Lava Bead Bracelet

  • $99.00

  • This skull charm bracelet is handcrafted with  10mm black lava rock beads and a hand-carved deer bone skull charm. Stretch bracelet will accomodate most wrists. Skull charm measures just half an inch in length and is exquisitely carved. Made in Brooklyn, NY. 

    About the materials: Lava rock, a symbol of the volcano is said to represent the four elements at work-- earth and fire mix to create lava, which possesses liquidity, much like water, while smoke (air) rises from within. The healing functions of lava rock include protection and fertility, providing stability in times of change, it also helps to dissipate anger with guidance and understanding, and strengthens our connection to Mother Earth. Lava rock also energizes the root chakra and is said to contain the fire of Khundalini. It is a solid, grounding stone for steadiness and maintenance of energy levels. And finally, it brings creativity to the holder and is great for artists. Beads sourced in Bali.

    The hand-carved bone skull is sourced in Mexico. Each of these skulls is unique, as each piece of deer bone reveals different characteristics during the carving process. 


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