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  • Framed 1930s French Hermès Timepiece Print Ads

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  • Discovered during our time perusing the Parisian Puces markets, each of these is an original French advertisement from the 1930s. Each ad once appeared in a French magazine and has now been framed in a subtle Italian gilt frame with traces of red amongst the rich gold around a lightly textured matting. Please see images for full details.

    New framing. Measures approximately 19.25" wide and 23" in height. Below is a guide to each ad to assist you in selecting the one you'd like to purchase. The item numbers also appear in the attached photos.

    • HERMES-ADW01 - French Ad for the Hermès "Compax" Wristwatch dated October 1, 1938
    • HERMES-ADW02 - French Ad for Hermès Timepiece Collection dated March 21, 1936
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