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  • ESCAPE to SHOP Limited Edition Discovery Box

  • $450.00

  • This is the Alice In Wonderland of subscription boxes. See it. Feel it. Taste it. Because isn’t that what travel is ultimately all about? 

    From the curators of Escape to Shop comes a Subscription Box like no other. A limited edition ‘box’ of custom-collected unique treasures from our travels that will not be available on Escape To Shop*. Each handcrafted item reflects our passion for travel, our love of the story, respect for the creation and desire for connection to the communities that each piece represents. Each item in the ‘box’ will fascinate and decorate… and continue to tell its personal story each time you wear, use or glance upon it.

    There will only be 250 ‘boxes’ per edition, with editions available at two times per year. The first one ships May 1, 2019, just in time for Mother’s Day and summer fun and will be filled with items for spring and summer. The second ships November 18, 2019, just in time for the holidays, and will be filled with items for fall, winter and resort travel. 

    Orders for the May 1st box close on February 1st, 2019.

    Orders on the November 18, 2019 box close on May 18th, 2019.

    You are welcome to subscribe to one box at a time, provided they are not sold out or auto-renew box after box- we actually encourage you to as no two boxes will ever be the same & each box will be filled with items that are both covetable and collectable. 

    So, who is this box for? Well, to start, it’s for women. This is a great gift to give (even to yourself!) or a wonderful gift to get; it’s ideal for the subtle to the stylish, the gal who is above trends but always on trend. The women who loves to travel but does not always have the time to visit all the places on her ever-growing list, yet appreciates the art of discovery, the playfulness and personality unique pieces add to her home and wardrobe. This is for any women with a sense of creativity and curiosity, as each time the box arrives it will transport her to far-away places and perhaps even ignite a passion for travel that has yet to be recognized. This is for the gal who already has everything. Because, chances are, she will not have what is in this box.

    A few things that make this even more unique:

    Wonderful things come in unique, unpredictable packages, each ‘box’ will arrive in its own unique and often useful packaging. And no two will ever be the same…

    Each box will contain 5 to 6 items on average (no less than 5 & sometimes more than 6), with 2 of the items being 'the main' items. Each item will be locally sourced and produced in the country of its origin; limited production, often one of a kind (or in this case 250 of a kind); and always with a story to tell. 

    Combined retail value of the items in each ‘box’ will total between $700-$1000.

    We will not accept any items as promotions or advertising. Meaning, each item is selected based on its own unique qualities. The box will only be filled with things we love, appreciate & pay for. 

    At least two (2) of the items (referred to as 'the main items') in each box will only be available on Escape To Shop to those who subscribe to the box. Some of the main items will be crafted and created exclusively for the box and will never be available on Escape To Shop, but if they are, they will ONLY be available to those that have subscribed to the box and only AFTER the box has shipped. This is in case you want to purchase others as gifts.

      • Once each box has shipped, the other three to four (or more) items in the box will be available on Escape To Shop to everyone, and as a subscriber to the box you are entitled to a 10% discount on any items that are in the box that are also sold on Escape To Shop. We will provide you with a special code to take advantage of the exclusive discount when your box arrives.

    Here is how it works:

    1. You subscribe, for yourself or for someone else. 
    2. We follow up with a few questions for you or the recipient to answer- rapid fire style, such as:
      • Which do you prefer- gold, silver or rose gold?
      • Which best describes you- simple & elegant or whimsical & playful?
    1. And then you wait until May 1, 2019... when you will receive a message that your box is on its way to you. Receive and enjoy.

    Subscription Box Terms:

    All Escape To Shop Subscription Box purchases are final sale, nonrefundable and non-exchangeable. In the unique case that your Box does not arrive, or a product is damaged, we must be notified in writing (email will suffice) within 4 weeks of receiving your tracking information. If we are not notified within that time frame, we can no longer be held accountable for the missing items and will not be able to offer a replacement or refund. Shipping cost of $25 is included in the price of the box ($450 + $25 shipping = $475 total).


    Auto-renewed subscriptions must be cancelled within one month of receiving the previous box. To cancel, please email us with your name, shipping address and phone number to 

    Please note: If you are placing an order for this item in conjunction with other items, shipping will be collected only for the other items at time of purchase. Shipping for this box is included in the price.  

  • Please see our Returns & Exchanges Policy Here before purchasing.

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