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  • Engraved Antique French Adolphe Erenard Art Nouveau Silver-Plate Tray

  • $129.00

  • This is a beautifully engraved silver-plate tray we uncovered in France. The mark indicates that the maker is French, and reads "ERENARD" which has been traced to Adolphe Erenard, active from 1876 to 1895. So, we know this piece should date to that time period. The engravings are very true to the Art Nouveau period, so we believe the 1890s are most accurate for this piece. At the center of the floral patterns is the name "Soyer." This tray is quite heavy, and the brass underneath the plate has begun to show through in some places, but the overall beauty of this piece is undeniable.

    Measures 15.5"W x 12.5"D x 0.5"H. Tray has a slight edge to keep items corralled as well as rounded feet on the bottom.

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