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  • Antique French Crystal Ball & Tarot Card Sets on Porcupine Stand

  • $995.00

  • Fancy a bit of fortune telling? Discovered in a quiet part of Paris, this antique dealer's atelier was something special...and we were thrilled to come across this large antique crystal ball that sat beautifully on a genuine porcupine quill stand. To add to the intrigue, two beautiful full sets of tarot cards are included, each in their original boxes. One box includes a full set of the Grand Etteilla tarot cards, created by the famous seer Etteilla. The Grand Etteilla is a tarot created and played by the Ancients, Egyptians and Gypsies since the middle ages. In the original box, the lithograph printed deck has the complete 78 cards with a total of 118 figures.  Tap into the ancient wisdom of the cards with this deck which features the tarot card meanings right on the card, which was a new innovation at the time. Originally created by Jean Baptiste Alliette of France in 1788. A one of a kind collection and makes for a beautiful display evoking the most interesting of conversations. The gift of divinity not necessarily included.
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