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  • Antique Burled Wood Tea Box with Brass Inlay Decoration found in Italy

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  •  Everyone will stop to ask about this box. This unique piece, a wooden tea box that has been crafted from burled wood, is incredibly simple yet totally beautiful. It features a decorative brass inlay on the lid, a unique and gorgeous feature that adds interest and intricate beauty. The rich, red tones of the wood are a perfect contract to the brass inlay, and the rounded edges of the box speak to the superior craftsmanship that went into its creation. Best of all, the brass inlay is functional, as well. The small key works to lock and unlock the box!

    This box measures 7.3”L x 7.25”W x 2.25”H. This box was found in Italy, but its origin is unknown. This box was probably used as a receptacle to store tea back when tea was first introduced to Europe, when it was expensive and therefore kept under lock and key. The box was expensive and decorative to fit in with the rest of the room’s decor, and the hot water for the tea was carried from the kitchen and the tea was made by the mistress of the house. As the use of the box increased, it was made with two or three divisions with the center section reserved for sugar. As tea grew cheaper, there was no longer a need for the locked tea box, so they fell out of use. Now, your tea can be found in a drawer or on your countertop instead.

    The lid of the box has a bow in it, which can be seen in its featured images. This bow adds to the vintage feel and look of the piece, making it the perfect addition for anyone who appreciates anything vintage. The silk fabric lining of the box is deteriorated and torn in places, which is also shown in the images. There is also some surface wear, and this piece does have a gap between the lid and the main body, also shown in the photos featured alongside this piece. This is the perfect piece for those who appreciate tea or beautiful vintage art, or both!

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