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Give Back - Husk for Communities

Husk is a not for profit non government organization
working to improve the lives of families in Siem Reap Cambodia

Husk's core focus is working initially with the communities in Treak and Kompheim villages located in Siem Reap province Cambodia.  Our philosophies are simple and centre around helping people to improve their lives and create opportunities for a brighter and healthier future.  

Cambodia has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the region with one in seven children dying before the age of five. Many of these deaths are due to preventable illness and water borne disease. Malnutrition, lack of education and accidental death (drowning and road accidents) are major issues Cambodia's children face. Husk works with communities to help improve the lives of Cambodian families.  Our goals focus around the basics of providing access to safe water, livelihood opportunities, health, education and environment. 

Sustainable Programs - Softies!

Softies are wonderful handmade soft toys, each with their own unique character. Our softies project has commenced in Kopheim Village with 3 women from vulnerable families being trained in sewing and making their first softie "Hoot" the Owl. All the hand sewing for the Softies is completed at the women's homes and a shared sewing machine is available for their use in our Kompheim Village School. In the future the women will have a workshop at the KVS site where they can come if they choose to use the sewing machine and shared resources.

  • Softies are a perfect project for the women we support.  These women have few employment opportunities and rely on seasonal and itinerate work to survive.
  • The women are able to work from home and in hours that suit them. 
  • Making softies is very flexible and requires little setup, allowing women to work around the needs of their family or other work such as farming.
  • Women gain sewing skills which can be applied in other ways in the future
  • Softies enable women to earn an income.  Women invest far more of their income back into their children and family meaning better outcomes for their children and community.

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