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Heroes for Children

Heroes for Children provides direct financial assistance to families with children battling cancer.  The average financial assistance grant is $750 to assist towards necessary expenses such as mortgage/rent, utilities, car payments, or even funerals for children who have lost their battle to cancer  This is the largest program and main focus of Heroes for Children.  More than $50,000 is provided each month in direct financial assistance.  


In 2013, Heroes for Children fulfilled more than 800 requests for financial assistance.  Each year around 13,500 children are diagnosed with cancer in the US, that's more than a classroom of kids a day. 

  • 35,000 children are currently in treatment for cancer. 
  • Some 25% of all kids who are diagnosed with cancer die. 
  • More children die of cancer every year than adults died in 9/11.
  • Cancer kills more children than AIDs, asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and congenital anomalies combined.  
  • The average age of death for a child with cancer is 8, causing a child to lose 69 years of expected life. 
  • The death of a child is one of the most traumatic events a family might face. 
  • Families who have lost children are often financially and emotionally depleted. 

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